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Certified Transformational Life Coach and NLP practitioner
I help single parents who are overwhelmed, lost, and stuck, to rediscover their drive, transform their lives and live a purposeful life.

About Sheri Okuwobi.

I am a mum, a Business Owner, and a Transformational Life Coach.

My journey of self-discovery and transformation began after I ended my Ten years of unhappy marriage and became a single parent. I found myself lost, overwhelmed, and stuck and unsure of what to make with the rest of my life.

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I hope that these tips would help you on your transformation journey.

Every single parent has a unique story of their own, but we all go on a similar journey of recovery and transformation.


Life & Transformational Coach and Certified NLP practitioner

I help overwhelmed, lost, and stuck single parents to rediscover their drive to transform and live a purposeful life.

✓ Discovery.

✓ Personal 1-2-1 Coaching (Price £125).

✓ The Transformation Package (Price £1,125) Payment options available.

Sheri Okuwobi

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Are you a single parent feeling overwhelmed, lost, stuck or struggling with finding a new direction?

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