Every single parent has a unique story of their own, but we all go on a similar journey of recovery and transformation.

I hope that these tips would help you on your transformation journey.

    Live and Transform Journal.

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    Strategically plan the whole day ahead of the week, using my perfect day section.
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    This Journal is your one-stop-shop for all things transformational and personal development

    Improve the productive skill, plan and achieve goals, manage your finances daily, keep track of what you eat to stay healthy. Reflect every month on what has worked or what didn’t work for you and finally, live your purpose-driven life on your own terms.

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      Carol P – Georgia, U.S.A

      Sheri offers an excellent service with a great personality. Sheri is straightforward and truthful in all our conversations. She was able to help me find my inner strength, boost my confidence and work on my limiting self-believes. She encouraged me to finally find the motivation to eventually go after what I really love to do, start my own business.

      Wendy - London – U.K

      Before my coaching sessions with Sheri, my life was a complete mess. I was completely lost and overwhelmed. I didn’t have any self-confidence or self-worth; I was at the low bottom. I was still blaming my ex-husband for ruining my life and for everything bad things that happened to me, even after 6 years of divorce and didn’t speak to each other. Choosing to work with Sheri has been one of the best decisions of my life. She is just Phenomenal at what she does. Her coaching has been life-changing. I now have a very clear goal and vision moving forward. I’ve completely let go of the blaming and take full responsibly for myself and for whatever that happen next. I can’t thank Sheri enough for her fantastic support, her honesty and for everything she had done for me. She completely changed my life for the best! Thank you.

      Jane S – Surrey- U.K

      I wasn’t sure I needed a coach until I had a discovery session with Sheri. The one-hour session was very powerful and really helpful. I can already feel the shift in my thinking. I’ll definitely sign up to work with Sheri when I’m ready to make the commitment.

      P.M - Portugal

      "Sheri Okuwobi is a very available, insightful and attentive coach. In a session of just two hours I have already felt her help."


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