When Change is Necessary – The Journey of Transformation

Why is change so challenging for many people? Change does not always come so easily because our habits are embedded into the unconscious mind, and that provides familiarity and comfort to who we are. Change brings in transformations, and If you look around you, you’ll notice that transformation is always taking place. However, you will need to decide for a change to take place in your life. Once you are convinced that change is necessary for your growth and personal development, you’ll find that breaking a bad habit to create change could be easy.


After ten years of unhappy and difficult marriage, I went through many ups and downs during my self-rediscovery journey to rebuild my confidence and self–esteem. Even though I know things have to shift in my life to move on to the next level, I was terrified of the changes. I went from being scared of changes to feeling guilty, shame and denial. Going through these ranges of emotions eventually helped me to accept the changes I needed and take actions through self-reflection and courage. So, you might experience ranges of emotions, but know that it’s ok.

Change must come from within, and it has to be your decision, not someone else decision. Behavioural psychologist had shown that human thoughts and behaviours are what makes us who we are. Also, that we follow irrational behaviour patterns because they make us feel good. Our thoughts are very powerful. Choose to concentrate on positive thinking that will add value to your growth rather than negative thoughts. Take one small step at a time, and small changes would eventually lead to big ones.  Avoid limiting beliefs. It’s never too late to change or form new habits, change is constantly involving. So, how can you transform your life and move on to the next level to elevate yourself? Here are three steps that could help you with your transformation journey.


Accept and make the decision to change.

The first step would be to acknowledge that you want the change and then decide you will make it happen. Making a true decision might be the most powerful thing you can do. Most people fail to change because they haven’t accepted that they wanted it, so their situation remains the same. The decision to have a change in your life must be entirely yours. If not, you might fail to stick to the process. Once you have made the decision, then you can begin with the process of identifying what change need to be made. Work on your limiting beliefs. They are the greatest obstacle to your ability to change. Making a successful personal transformation is one of the quickest ways to change your life positively.



Keeping a journal is a highly effective way to keep track of your development and transformation journey. Journaling would help you to connect and get to know yourself intentionally. Measure your progress and keep in mind that any significant change will take time. Weight is lost a little at a time. Skills are gained over time. Develop a way to track your progress and review it regularly. Seeing progress is motivating. It also lets you know where you stand. Create a compelling future and be determined that you will reach it by your deadline. Measure your progress along the way of your transformation journey. The feedback and motivation it provides are invaluable. The psychologists suggested that writing things down helps the brain to remember things effectively. Also that, We do not learn from experience; instead, we learn from reflecting on the experience.



Visualisation is a powerful tool for change because the brain uses this technique to process information. Many people are not aware of how powerful visualising can be in their lives. In fact, some people do visualise every day, except they visualise on the wrong things – the things they don’t really want. Visualisation can be used to bring change into your life and create positive outcomes. Visualisation can get you closer to where you want to be in life and prepare you for success. Many athletes, including Olympians, use Visualisation skill to enhance their performances in various sport. Research has also found that people who imagine themselves performing a task improve their performance without physically doing the task. In order to visualise and manifest the kind of life you want, you must have a clear idea of what you want and why you want it.


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